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Your Trusted and Reliable Snow Removal Service Provider

Kodiak Snowblowing, Inc. is proud to call itself a premium provider of residential snow blowing services for the residents of the Kanata & Stittsville area. Quality service is at the very heart of Kodiak’s success. We understand the paramount importance of winter safety for our clients. Kodiak fills the need for a reliable, prompt and consistent snow removal and ice maintenance service, delivered on-time, every time, with absolutely no excuses.

We use the latest equipment to blow snow off your driveway without damaging the corners of your lawn. We look forward to servicing you and stand behind our reputation in Kanata and Stittsville!

What makes Kodiak your best choice for Residential Snow Removal Service?

  1. Driveway snow removal service at your house from November 1st to April 1st.
  2. 2 cleanings of your driveway on each snow day during this period. 1st cleaning at 5 cms of snow or more. 2nd cleaning after the city plows pass.
  3. Realtime GPS tracking for all our snow blowing vehicles, Daily service logs, 24-hour Live Answer during snow storms, an online service desk

Stay Warm. Stay Inside. Let Kodiak Clear the Snow!

How does residential Snow Removal in Kanata & Stittsville work?

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What does our seasonal residential Snow Removal service include?

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